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Tillymint, Tillymint! It's Alex and Sarah's website baby!!
*~* Tower College ~*~


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Whey! Its our killah school, Tower College. Propa Bo!

Tower College - Independant day school for girls and boys.
Yes! We go to a private school, rich children!
In general, our school sucks. It's slightly strikt and if it wasn't for our friends and our sexy principle, then I think most people would leave.
I've been in it since i was 4. Thats nearly 11years of ass kicking strickness! Sarah has been in since she was 11. You'd think it gets better...


Our beautiful school - Tower College.

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25th November 2003
Matthew Anderson, Jules Ross and Luke Corrigan have been expelled after their 6 day suspension. Stupid bitch decided she didn't want them in Tower after they jumped on Ben Newton. If he hadn't have been such of an annoying third year, non of this bullshit would have happened. He was asking for it. I don't think anyone really cares about Jules and Luke, but Matty will be missed. :-(

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Tower Girls




Lindsey Ronald! Ah! New girl. Shes ok for a trendie :-)


Nicole and Caroline. I've known Nicole (other names are given to her) since I was 4! We've only known Caroline for 2years but shes sweet! and Scottish!