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~*~ How To Kill Yourself ~*~ WARNING.


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The following content is disgusting. Really nauseating, revolting, sick stuff has been written. If you don't like nauseating, revolting, sick stuff then please leave as it may cause permenent damage...
If you have a problem with stuff like this, don't read another word. The last thing I want is dickheads coming up to me telling me I should have my website taken off me. This is all fake and probably woouldn't work...
Just thought I'd add it because whoever reads this would either want to have a laugh or kill themselves. Please don't anyone do any of the following. Ally xxx


Slit your wrists

In a smooth motion, move the knife along the vein from tour wrist about 3 - 4 inches up your arm.  The knife must be sharp, and not serrated.  Try to keep the movement as smooth and quick as possible to reduce the pain.  To increase the blood flow, now get into a warm bath.  You will fall into unconsciousness within 15 minutes.

Scars will remain for life, to show what you tried to do if you fail, which in certain circles can be good.  Overall rating; 4 (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)

Stab yourself in the heart.

There is two ways to do this.  1.  Samurai style involves stabbing yourself in the chest, then moving the knife up through your heart.  Very very painful.   Always fatal, and requires a hell of a lot of willpower.  Not recommended at all.  0 stars.

2. Simply stab the knife into your heart.  Much easier, less painful.  Still fatal, but if you want to die, it's a good way.  Overall rating 3 stars. star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)

Pistol in the mouth.

While usually only used by criminals, and soldiers, this method is fast, as the bullet will enter your brain, causing shock to kill you almost instantly.  Always fatal.   Not as messy as a shotgun, but it depends on what gun you use, as the bullet will leave the back of the skull.  Overall rating 3 stars star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)

Blow yourself up on a bus

Suicide terrorist style.  Very messy, and will take out everyone nearby.   Overall rating 4 stars star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)


Slit your throat.

Not a recommended way to kill yourself, as you are unlikely to get it right first time, so will need several attempts.  You are also likely to cut your windpipe, which will cause a gurgling noise to begin.  This can be quite frightening.

The scars will also be permanent, but it will look like someone did it to you, rather than a self inflicted wound.  Your voice may also be altered severely.  Overall rating 1 star star.gif (407 bytes)

Shotgun to the face.

Close your eyes, squeese trigger.  Your dead.  Simple as that.  Messy too, this method will take a while to clean up after.  Overall rating 4 stars. star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)


Overdosing can be fatal, but not always.  If you don't die you're going to get your stomach pumped. This is quite uncomfortable, and although overdosing is usually painless, it's not really recommended.  Overall rating three stars star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)

Taking poison

The lovers suicide.  Poisons nowadays are fast acting, and painless, and although suicide has lost the romance it once had, are still a good method.  Overall rating 5 stars.  star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)star.gif (407 bytes)

Use a car exhaust.

This is the way my uncle used.  He connected a hosepipe up to the car exhaust, and put it through the window of his car.  The fumes choked him to death.  It works very well, obviously, but if you want to survive your attempt, you shouldn't try this method in a private place, as nobody will find you for a while.

Plastic bag

Can actually be scary, as you prevent air from entering your lungs.

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